Types of pests

There are various types of pests that destroy crops; they can damage crops at any growing stage. As a farmer, it’s good to know the types and ways of controlling them. Below are a few common types of pests.


They live in the soil at day time and attack crops when it’s dark or at night; they specifically target the stem and the roots of the plant, thus causing it to fall and instantly dry. To get rid of cutworms, you can use an insecticide that is specifically meant for killing caterpillars, spray it for five days, and you will see the results.


They are black, green, or grey in color; they move slowly and mostly appear during the autumn or spring seasons. They feed on the plant tips, thus causing the plant to lack vigor. Apart from that, they are known to cause a certain virus that lowers yields and plant quality.

Knowing a way of controlling this pest saves you from problems of losing your crops; the earlier you notice them, the better.