Pest Control

A pest is any living thing that causes harm to human beings, plants, or animals. Pest control is the elimination or regulation of pests to reduce their harmful effects on human beings, food, and plants. Some of the best pest control methods include:


Pesticides are the most popular method used to control all kinds of plants and animal pests. It involves using chemicals substances to destroy, mitigate or kill pests. It’s applied through spraying to the affected animal or plants. Commonly used pesticides include insecticides for killing insects, fungicides for fungi and mold, herbicides to kill weeds and, disinfectants for preventing the spread of bacteria, and bactericides for killing bacteria.

Hygiene Control

Hygiene control is keeping the surrounding of living things clean. Pests survive well in a dirty environment. Hygiene control, especially at home, can be of great impact in eliminating pests. There are many ways we can keep hygiene in home-like cleaning utensils and dishes after eating, keeping the toilets clean, and putting rubbish into the bin.

Biological control

It involves using organisms to interfere with the ability of pests to breed. These natural enemies include predators which feed on other pests, competitors, and pathogens. An example of biological control is using lady beetles to feeds on aphids and using paper wasps to feeds on caterpillars and flies. Biological control, unlike other pest control methods, has no side effects on the environment.

Trap cropping

This is the use of plants that attracts pests hence drawing them away from crops. The pests once congregated in one plant becomes easier to control or to kill. This method is very simple and economical since there is no use of labor or insecticides.

Examples of trap crops include:

Nasturtiums which attracts aphids

Chervil for attracting slugs

Radish which attracts away beetle and root flies away from cabbages

In conclusion, Pests have contributed greatly to lowering crops yields and destroying animals and for that reduce they need to be controlled.